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March 27, 2013

Beach volleyball player chooses laser hair removal

Zara Dempney, an olympic beach volleyball player, is an advocate of permanent hair removal. Her team is sponsored by a laser hair removal company and as part of the sponsorship the girls have received free procedures.

Looking good is part of the sport. And that’s one of the reasons why it’s getting more and more popular.

Do you want to try laser hair removal at home? Go here to find out the products that are actually worth something.

April 22, 2012

The future of IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal

Intense pulsed light is arguably the best hair removal method right now. It’s pricey but it works.

If you’ve dealt with waxing, you’re probably all to familiar with the pain that’s involved.

Just to give you a tip on where things are going. On February 11th 2012 Procter and Gable signed a deal with Cyden to sell their product – a great line of hair removal products that utilize light to remove body hair. This deal is believed to be worth a quarter of £1,000,000,000. The method is called Intense Pulsed Light (or IPL), their product is called iPulse – how appropriate ;)

That’s a lot of money, even though it’s P&G we’re talking about. The company is synonymous with consumer products. They have obviously realized the potential of IPL.

Some other Intense pulsed light hair removal devices here.

February 12, 2012

What’s the Try No No Price?

Obviously, you’re wondering how much is the try no no price. Not too much actually. Radiancy’s (the manufacturer) trial option lets you pay in installments and even return the device if you’re not happy – they’ll even pay the return shipping costs. If you think that’s an offer you can’t just pass, go ahead and read our detailed no no hair removal review.

The No No has been sold to more than 2 million people. You shouldn’t worry about safety. Just do your research to find out whether this method is the right one for you.

Once the 2 month trial has ended and you’ve been satisfied with the results – you can buy the device. The total price will be calculated after you’ve filled in your address. The base price is ~$270

This doesn’t sound cheap and it isn’t really. Go for the trial option to be certain that you won’t get disappointed. Chances are – you won’t. But it doesn’t hurt to be safe.

Use this if you prefer to take care of body hair yourself, for whatever reasons. It’s a pretty neat tool in a world, that’s almost entirely ruled by beauty.

Use this to have hairless skin all year long. Start today!

Try No No Price ($270) > Review – Click Here

P.S. You’ll pay almost the same as for ~100 big bottles of Cola or ~100 bars of chocolate. Perfect time to lose some weight? ;)

P.P.S. The most important thing to know about this method is – it’s painless. Keep that in mind!

Your Try No No Price search has hopefully given you the answers you were looking for.

Don’t forget – check out the recent posts on the right and browse around the site. There is a lot to learn.

July 16, 2011

Should You Buy a No No Hair Remover?

No No hair remover articles

describe this product mostly as a

revolutionary new concept, and in fact it is a fairly new product in the market of hair removal products. It has been featured in beauty magazines around the world such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Allure and Elle, and even other magazines such as Good Housekeeping, the Sunday Times Travel Magazine and the Independent Magazine.

The No No hair remover is produced by Radiancy, a company dedicated to skin care, and is available worldwide. The company offers a 60 day risk free trial of its No No hair remover.

In the media:

The revolutionary new concept is the use of Thermicon technology. This is a technology similar to lasers, but whereas lasers use light and heat, Thermicon is a heat only technology. This means that there is none of the risk of skin discoloration that can happen with laser use. Also, unlike lasers, it is suitable for use on all skin types and hair colors.

The NoNo hair remover uses a thermodynamic wire, which, when touching a hair sends a heat pulse down it causing the section above the skin to crystallize. This part then breaks off, leaving a small point which is easily rubbed off by using a special buffer, leaving the skin feeling smooth and soft.

Photographer Michael Mulvey

If you are fed up with all the other methods of hair removal for whatever reason then you should consider buying the 8800, the latest version of No No hair remover.

If you usually use a waxing method or hair removal creams then you know how messy they can be. Waxing pulls the hairs out by their roots so, apart from the messiness, there is the pain. Also because of this the skin can be red and sore for a while. With hair removal creams, due to their chemical composition, you could be left with a rash or itchiness, especially if you have very sensitive skin.

No No has none of these side-effects. The hair removal technique is completely painless – you may just feel a little warmth on the skin when using it, and there is no mess.

If you currently use a wet razor this also can be a messy method. You need to do this in the shower or at the very least in the bathroom as the blade has to be continually cleaned under running water. It is though, a fairly quick method, as is the electric lady shaver, which is probably the easiest of all hair removal methods.

This however, does tend to leave a slight stubble and has to be done every day, or at least every other day, especially in the summer. The No No may take a while at first and needs some time devoted to it, but after a few months hair re-growth is reduced so much that you should be able to go weeks without using it.

The No No hair remover is therefore perfect for women who only want to think about hair removal once in a while.

May 19, 2011

No No Hair Removal System Reviews

No No hair removal system reviews

on the internet are very…

helpful when trying to decide whether to buy one as they are nearly all written by reviewers who have actually tried out the product for a while and are able to comment truthfully on it. The fact that it is available worldwide and on a 60-day risk free trial makes it a very attractive product to review.

For those who have never heard of it, the No No hair remover uses a heat transference technology, which cuts hairs off at skin level by effectively burning them. This method is a painless and safe one.

As it is a new product on the market there have been quite a few No No hair removal system reviews and here are just some of them:

One of the No No hair removal system reviews was by a blogger who used it. She stressed how easy it was to use, and that it was in fact painless. She was very truthful and said that it does need commitment and patience for best results. Interestingly she used it on her face and it worked perfectly, although she said the company should consider bringing out a smaller tip for this sort of area (she was using the original NoNo – the company has now brought out the 8800 which has an additional smaller tip for small areas). There were some negative comments in response (as usual), but most of the comments were full of praise for the product.

The reviewer on one hair removal site did a review after having used the product for a long time. She originally bought it on trial and loved it. She started using it on her bikini line and said that even though the skin was more sensitive, she had not had any rashes or irritation. Very helpfully, she detailed the time it takes her to do each area: around 30 minutes for legs and underarms, 30 minutes for the bikini line, 20 minutes for both arms and 14 minutes for the upper lip and eyebrows.

One quite useful review shows photos of the reviewer using the device (the original mains-powered one not the new 8800 battery cordless version) and gives honest comments about how she found it and the problems she had, which, she states, were only temporary and due to her own inexperience. There were many comments on this blog over a 2-year period, the majority of which were positive after buying and using the product.

One reviewer for a hair removal site confessed to having tried many different products before, always with disappointing results. She confirmed that it was painless and just as safe and effective on facial hair as on body hair. She claimed that the results were excellent and she only needs to use it now every 2 to 3 months (she had had the No No for 15 months).

As mentioned above the best No No hair removal system reviews are by people who have actually used the product over a period of time and this reviewer confirmed that fact.


May 19, 2011