Warning! Is there a No No Hair Removal Scam?

no no hair removal scam

NoNo Hair Removal Scam Warnings aren’t uncommon.

We’ll go through the facts and explain why scam warnings start in the first place.
Many people claim that a product is a scam only because they can’t make it work for themselves or the results are not as good as they had expected.

The Internet everyday witnesses the launch of a mammoth amount of miraculous products that claim to change one’s life completely and most of them are mere scams. People today are misusing the power of the social media to rope in profit by deceiving the consumers; in the wake of such a situation a genuine product loses credibility too.

That is not the only reason for Scam alerts; another major reason is that for some people the Instruction Manual is akin to the bubble wrap, it just comes along with the product. It comes along with the product for a reason i.e. to educate people to USE the product and not scream scam just because they could not get it to work. NONO Hair removal system which claims to be a painless and effective method of hair removal has also been considered to be a scam.

Some users have claimed that NONO hair removal system is a Scam because it emits a burning smell and it also takes a painfully long period of time to show result.

Even when the top dermatologists perform a laser treatment for hair removal, a slight burning smell would be present in the air because the entire mechanism concentrates around heating the hair to the point of burning it; hence the burning smell. This is a medically tested, tried and approved method of removing hair painlessly and has been incorporated in the NoNo Hair Removal System too.

No No Hair Removal Scam

All products have to pass a certain set medical standard and independent research institutes conduct regular studies on different products to ensure whether it is safe to be used by the general public. NONO hair removal system has a number of certifications to its name.

The Instruction manual lays down a step by step explanation of how the product should be put to use. Along with that, it also mentions the precautions to be taken.

Any kind of hair removal method be it waxing or shaving does take a considerable amount of time. Laser treatments too take a number of sessions before you can see a significant reduction in the number of hair.

The Instruction manual states that the NONO hair removal system has to be used more frequently in the beginning for it to start working on the hair and with time the frequency reduces, this is similar to a laser treatment where in the first few sittings, the treatment starts weakening the roots of the hair and then after some time, the frequency drastically reduces.

There are two major requirements if you really want NONO hair removal system to work, one is to read carefully the instruction manual to be aware of how exactly the product works and second it requires patience.

Compared to shaving every day or at least a couple of times a week, this has got to be worth it. The people who say this is a scam are those, who are not prepared to invest the required time before they get the best results. The time it takes to use the device should be compared to the time it would take at a salon getting laser treatments (and also paying a lot of money), not to mention the traveling time.

Would-be buyers should be warned of the possibility of bogus No No products or sites – the official No No product is always available with a risk-free trial. If any site sells this product and does not offer the risk-free trial then it is not the real product.

Is there a NoNo Hair Removal Scam? Not likely, if you buy the real product.

May 10, 2011
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  1. Michelle Browne

    / March 7, 2012

    I have tried this product and it does not work! It left me with burns when used on the lowest setting. it does not work on course dark hair. Also not worth £193.00. I do not mind paying for quality, this is far from a quality product. Also No No Radiancy omit from telling you about the coast of the replacement heads! You are better off using an epilator or paying for a wax treatment. The result will be better and over time the hair will grow back finer if at all also as No No claims.
    Conclusion = DO NOT BUY THIS!

    If you do enjoy trying to get hold of the customer service department!

    • admin

      / March 7, 2012

      Hello Michelle,

      I can understand your disappointment.

      But it’s just not fair to claim that it doesn’t work without giving any information on how you actually used it.

      Maybe it “doesn’t work” for you because it seems like you were hoping for a quick and permanent hair removal method.

      The nono isn’t that.

      However, people get used to it and gradually notice a decrease in body hair.

      You should have done a little reading at nono’s official website, though.

      All the problems you’ve mentioned are addressed in the Frequently Asked Questions (https://www.trynono.com/intl1/faq.aspx) and the Maintenance section (https://www.my-no-no.com/nono8800_maintenance.asp).

      Are there any side effects like bumps, pimples and redness?
      Clinical studies show no lasting side affects associated with the proper use of no!no! like bumps and pimples (See the sections on the Slow Glide and Buffing). However, Thermicon™ technology uses heat, and in some cases, sensitive skin may experience temporary redness which fades within hours. Applying lotions like no!no! Smooth after a treatment will help keep skin moisturized and healthy.

      Does no!no! work on coarse or thick hair?
      no!no! works just as well on thick, coarse hair as it does on thin. However, because of the nature of coarse hair, results may take a bit longer to become noticeable.

      Taking care of your no!no! is easy. Just make sure you store it in a cool dry place, keep the ThermiconTM Tips and rollers clean and replace them when necessary.

      Refills for the no!no! Hair: 3 Wide Thermicon™ Tips & 1 Buffer
      (use only with the no!no! Hair)

      The information is there. Nothing is hidden. You just have to look for it.

      Here’s a few more important questions, that have been answered in the FAQ:

      How do we know it gets results? What data is available?
      Below are a list of studies conducted using no!no!
      i.Clinical Evaluation of Handheld Self-Treatment Device for Hair Removal James M. Spencer, MD. From the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology: August 2007
      i.Thermicon™ Clinical Evaluation: no!no! Hair Removal System Rodolfo Klein, MD Santiago, Chile: June 2006
      i.no!no! Thermicon™: A Novel, Home-based Hair Removal Device Radiancy Clinical Department: May 2006

      Will hair grow back?
      Yes, some of it will. However it will grow back in looking thinner and finer. If you stop using no!no!, hair growth may eventually return to its previous pattern.

      Will I have to use it 2-3 times a week forever?
      No. We recommend using no!no! 2-3 times a week during the initial stages (2-3 months) of use. With time, you will need to use it less often.

      Is the no!no! treatment likely to lead to a permanent hair removal?
      There is no such thing as PERMANENT hair removal (with the exception of electrolysis). However, Clinical studies noted a marked reduction in hair growth when no!no! was used for over 6 weeks.

      Why do I need to Buff?
      Buffing is an essential part of the no!no! treatment. It exfoliates the skin and removes crystallized, treated hair for a smooth finish. Without proper buffing, skin may feel rough and stubbly.

      How long should hair be for a no!no! treatment?
      For best results, hair should be between1-3mm long.

      The one thing I agree with you is that waxing is still a great hair removal method :)

      Take care!

  2. Carolyn

    / March 9, 2012

    I tried the product and have had extremely poor results. I tried to return the product but was not allowed to do so. I have not had any success with the product and found it inferior. The head required replacement just after the six seek period expired. I was only offered the option of a replacement by returning the defective unit at my own expense. I find the product and inflexable policies to be much less than satisfactory business practices.

    • admin

      / March 9, 2012

      Hello Carolyn,

      Why weren’t you allowed to return the device?

      From their website:
      *Offer Details: With this RISK FREE offer, you are backed by our 60 day money back guarantee, where if you aren’t completely satisfied with how smooth and hairless
      your skin looks, you just contact customer service for return instructions.

      How exactly did you contact Radiancy?

  3. Kelly Ann

    / March 12, 2012

    I have been doing research on this product to see if it was a scam before I paid that much money for it. I am still researching, but taking all the information into consideration.

  4. Melanie

    / March 12, 2012

    I can speak from experience, the NoNo is not a scam. My friend just bought her one and I go to her house to use hers. LOL

  5. anne

    / May 21, 2012

    I just looked at the reviews on amazon. 181 people gave it 1 star and 12 people gave it 5 stars. that’s all I need to see to know this product doesn’t work

    • admin

      / May 21, 2012

      Anne, you’re actually talking about the older model. The 8800 has slightly better customer reviews. Amazon is a good source if you’re looking for opinions but bear in mind that some people are compensated for their opinions.

  6. Sandie Whalen

    / June 11, 2012

    The answer if it is a scam or not is riight there in their add. Try for AT LEAST 45day up to 60days! When is the start date?
    Is it the order date, the ship date, the delivery date? They won’t tell you and they will deny your refund based on missing the exact window! That my friends is a scam!

    • admin

      / June 11, 2012


      Is the experience you’re talking about your own?

      If so, this sounds a bit sketchy.

      I think the start date you mention should obviously be the delivery date, as that would be the fastest you could start using the device.

  7. AMills

    / July 10, 2012

    I bought the no no about a month ago, wasn’t impressed with it AT ALL. So i went back to the mall to return it, she asked why then said ok I will give you your money back. She takes the box which has everything in it. She then tells me I am missing 2 pieces of instructions which came with it. It wasn’t settling very well with me, because i know what came with the no no, and i had only gotten 3 pamphlets. I said to the girl, show me another box, she shows me one which was ALREADY OPENED, and of course the extra 2 pamphlets were in it. At this point I was pissed, so I told her I would like to see her open up a brand new one. GUESS WHAT, there were only 3 pamphlets in the new one. THERE WHOLE SCAM IS THAT THEY TELL YOU THAT YOU LOST 2 PAMPHLETS WHEN REALLY IT DIDN’T EVEN COME WITH IT. I HOPE THIS WILL HELP SOMEONE IN THE FUTURE BEFORE THEIR 60 DAYS IS UP!! DAMN SCAMMERS! BUT HEY, I GOT MY MONEY =D

    • admin

      / July 11, 2012

      What mall are you talking about? Did you buy it there? I’m not sure about the situation in Canada but I thought the device is available only online. I’m glad it worked out for you.

  8. J Walker

    / January 2, 2013

    the front roller broke after about 4 uses ! dont buy.

  9. uhoh nono

    / June 1, 2013

    I bought the NO!NO! and although it works on some parts of my body. It does not work on every part, like NO!NO! claims to do. And YES even I got burns on my skin when using it properly by the directions information. I have olive tone, easy to tan skin, not even sensitive at all, so I was surprised when I got some burns from it, and it needs improvement on the facial hair removal aspects of the NO!NO!. I have done laser hair removal and suggest it is totally the way to go, it was a lot at first but than seen where there is the new at home laser hair removal systems, it is the same price as a NO!NO! and it works! You do not have to buy endless amounts of NO!NO! replacement attachments, buffers, lotion (even though I have to say the lotion is nice) But it just saves SOOO much money and actually makes the hair gone forever! FINALLY thank you at home laser hair removal, go with that ladies trust me!


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